Domains Industry 4.0
Digital and Connected Factory
On-line, real-time, NDT and quality control
Process and performance optimization
Turnover 31k€
Number of staff 3
_SensorsVision and optical - Presence and position - Temperature, humidity and misture - Displacement, motion, speed and acceleration - Air or water quality - Acoustic, sound and vibration - Gas and chemical - Force, pressure, load
_Analytics & AIDescriptive Analytics

AOTECH is a spin-off company from the research group Applied Photonics Group (University of the Basque Country).

Our mission is to apply photonic solutions to all kinds of industrial processes, nowadays we are focused on three main areas: aeronautics, food/pharma, and biosensors.

First of all, in aeronautics, we have developed a system based on optical sensors for monitoring turbines and compressors based on the measurement of tip timing (TT) and tip clearance (TC). Thanks to this system, more economical, ecological, and lower fuel consumption, aeronautical engines can be achieved.

For food and pharmaceutical industries, we have developed a VIS-NIR spectroscopy platform that allows in-line analysis of the composition of different fluids and solids in real-time.

Currently, we are working on biosensors development. Our last project aims to design and manufacture an interferometric sensor based on the in-line detection of heavy metals ions in water.

Our team

Iker García – CEO

Vanessa García – Administration & Marketing

Claudia Ezquerro – Engineering