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Air and water quality moitoring
_SensorsAir or water quality
_Analytics & AIBig Data Analytics - Machine learning

Air quality challenges more and more professionals under the pressure of third parties: we think that it is essential not to let that assessment to external feedback only, and have in-house capability to evaluate the impact on air of industrial activities.

We therefore propose a web solution for mapping and forecasting the air impact of industrial units or infrastructures.

Our customers are industrials, public authorities or engineering companies. We help them prove their compliance, discriminate their influence from other sources regarding third parties and focus their investment to mitigate their impact.

Our innovative solution received multiple supports:

  • Either greentech: GreenTech initiative from the French Environment Ministry, 1000 Solutions from the Solar Impulse Foundation, i-Nov competition from ADEME – Grand Plan d’Investissement
  • Or deeptech: Agoranov and Paris&Co, European PRACE-SHAPE initiative and CEF-Telecom from the European Union

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