Ascon Systems

Domains Industry 4.0
Digital and Connected Factory
On-line, real-time, NDT and quality control
Automation, robotics and cobotics
Predictive maintenance
Process and performance optimization
Turnover 3.500.000,-€
Number of staff 24

The ASCon Digital Twin is an unmatched unique platform. Based on a real-time kernel and a semantic engine it aggregates/integrates data with the necessary context. It bridges PLM, analytics (Big Data/AI) and real production: a context based approach to digital transformation, operating in real-time whilst creating persistent historical records.

Recently listed by Gartner as Cool Vendor 2018 in Digitalization through Industry 4.0.

Based on a behaviour model library, a real-time core and a semantic engine, our solution aggregates and integrates with the necessary context the huge data lakes that IIoT generates and transforms big data into smart data – in real time (heart beat 30-50 ms) and historicized. Working in brownfield the ASCon Digital Twin is an unmatched solution, a unique platform that radically changes the way products will be created tomorrow by breaking down the physical to digital wall.

Integrating with common PLM Systems, ASCon Digital twins are real-time models for controlling production, synchronizing planning and production: Production lines and machines produce massive signal streams every millisecond. We make these signal streams available and usable – in context and in real-time and thus can control production and allow at the same time new, innovative business models, not only in manufacturing.

The business model is based on a) the acquisition/processing of signal data with standard basic functionalities of the Digital Twin and the persistent storage and transport of data into the cloud (KPI: number of devices with their own IP/fieldbus address) and b) value-added services (APPs) for various business processes. Software licenses on a rental basis only. Start mid-2017, sales 2nd half of 2017 € 1.2 million, sales forecast for 2018 approx. € 4 Mio, 2019 approx. € 8 Mio.

Market: Digital transformation towards highly networked autonomous production providing an integrated, real-time knowledge network and thus the interoperability and intelligence of the production components integrative for the entire production network in production.

Industries/Customers: Manufacturing, automotive industry and suppliers, aircraft construction, mechanical engineering, consumer goods production Patent protection filing is currently being prepared for the technical core of the solution. To be submitted Oct. 2018.

Reference Customers: Daimler Car (Germany), Daimler Van (Spain), Audi, Airbus (Germany), Volkswagen.

More information can be found on Youtube.