Domains Industry 4.0
Digital and Connected Factory
Predictive maintenance
_SensorsTemperature, humidity and misture - Acoustic, sound and vibration - Force, pressure, load
_Other DeepTechImaging, machine vision
_Analytics & AIAdvanced Analytics - Predictive Analytics - Machine learning

Asystom provides AsystomPredict, a turnkey, universal and autonomous predictive maintenance solution for industrial equipment.

Designed for anomaly detection based on machine learning, Asystom has created a universal solution to monitor machines of different ages and designs, without constraints of installation and deployment. This technology is scalable, non-intrusive and works independently from the existing infrastructure.

AsystomPredict can monitor virtually any system in real time, compute drifts due to wear or detect anomalies like leaks or electrical faults. It helps preventing failures and the related costs of a production stoppage.


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