Domains Industry 4.0
Digital and Connected Factory
Automation, robotics and cobotics
Turnover N/A
Number of staff 3
_SensorsPresence and position - Temperature, humidity and misture - Electric and magnetic
_Other DeepTechDrones - Imaging, machine vision
_ComputingCPU, GPU

Balamis is a electronic engineering company. Balamis develops microwave remote sensors: radar, radiometers, and microwave payloads for small satellites. The measurements of Balamis sensors are made with non intrusive methods, effectively making measurements over large areas easy. They have been used on-board aircrafts, drones and ground vehicles.




· Agriculture and environment: soil moisture retrieval, soil variability, puddle

  detection under vegetation cover.


· Civil engineering and mining: slope stability, levee inspection, tunnel and

  galleries inspection, moisture in linear infrastructures.


· Earth Observation: validation of satellite data.


· Telecommunications: location of radiofrequency interferences.


Balamis, based in Barcelona, is the result of more than 15 years of research in microwave remote sensing by the Technical University of Catalonia.

Our team

Roger Jove Casulleras, CEO

Adrià Amézaa Sarries, CTO

Ricard Gonzalvez Foguet, CIO


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