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With BirdShades we develop a transparent, high-tech window film to save billions of birds worldwide from deadly collisions with building’s glass surfaces. Our solution is based on the bird’s ability to see UV light which makes the film highly visible for birds. This part of the light spectra is not visible for humans and thus the film remains clear. Our multi-layer film is strong and durable and can be easily applied to the surface of any window due to a self-adhesive layer.

The need for property owners to make their windows safe for birds is growing drastically due to increasing legislation and environmental pressure. The solutions currently available on the market affect the transparency of the glass massively and worse, they are often not effective. We want to reduce the environmental impact of buildings by providing an effective solution which is also accepted by the market and our customers.

BirdShades was founded by Bettina Kain and Dominique Waddoup, MSc in May 2019 in Leoben/Austria and the investment from SOS Ventures accelerated our business development in that year.

In our advisory board we have the world’s leading experts in bird window collisions Dr. Daniel Klem and Michael Measure and we maintain partnerships with three universities and a film manufacturer. We are supported by the AWS, FFG, SFG, ZAT Leoben and the Green Tech Cluster Styria.