Domains Health & Well-Being
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Number of staff 3
_SensorsVision and optical
_Analytics & AIMachine learning - Deep Learning - Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Artificial neural networks

Bosetein is a Stuttgart based startup which is trying to solve the problem of food safety through innovation and technology.

Food safety has truly become a global issue. From 75 in 2013 to 198 in 2019, the number of food recalls in Germany are increasing exponentially. One of the main causes for food safety issues and recalls is bacterial contamination.

We have developed an optical sensor which measures the bacterial contamination on food products in real-time, it can also measure through the packaging. Thus our sensor can help food producers to avoid recalls and super markets to quantify the shelf-life of products and reduce the amount of food waste produced.

We are utilizing Optical sensor along with AI based software for estimating the number of bacteria in real-time. The unique features include: Real-time analysis, non-contact measurement, through the packaging inspection, fully automated sensor. Together they make this sensor unique, exciting and adaptable.