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AT&S In-vehicle ecosystem for connected vehicles based on highly integrated 5G communication modules Read more

AT&S is looking for highly integrated in-vehicle communication modules that showcase integration concepts of existing and upcoming communication standards like 5G (NR, mmWave) and IEEE 802.11. The challenge focuses on hardware integration concepts for which performance and size matters. Although today’s communication standards are operating with bandwidths of up to 5GHz, future products will require higher data-rates of up to 60GHz and even beyond.

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BAYER VR Training in production sites Read more

Bayer is looking for startups that offer support in specifying and setting-up VR-based training for higher-efficiency production.

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BENTELER Future of manufacturing, engineering and workplace Read more

Technologies that may be applied in manufacturing processes. They should increase quality and productivity, reduce costs, and increase flexibility and control. Solutions for improving our engineering tools, simulation, testing and new ways of controlling our computers.

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BENTELER Logistics management and optimization Read more

Technologies and solutions that can help to optimize, simplify and drastically reduce logistic costs, while making them more operational, or simplifying collaboration with suppliers and customers, both inside our plants, and externally across the world.

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BENTELER Vehicles and Mobility of the future Read more

Technology companies engaged in developing innovative, safe and high-performance vehicles for the future of transportation. Technologies that are responding to the new challenges in engineering and production in terms of passive safety, structural design, flexible use-cases, etc.

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INNOCELLS New business models and disruptive technologies Read more

InnoCells is seeking new business models, ideas and projects in line with Banc Sabadell group’s strategic areas, such as: payments, funding, housing, financial controlling, security, retirement and mobility.

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CELSA Data-driven steel: industry 4.0 Read more

Celsa is looking for the following the following deep tech solution:

  • Robots that can improve process efficiency and safety conditions for people.
  • Cyber control systems: image, sound, light spectrum analysis for product control or process automation.
  • Smart portable devices that improve the human-machine interface and process efficiency and safety.
  • IoT devices for improving process tracking.
  • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Install a dashboard system by interconnecting several plants to control production parameters.
  • Define an automated labelling system for steel products.
  • Enable intelligent surveillance in plants.
  • Implement preventive maintenance solutions.
  • Ease traceability transfer to each part of the sections at every stage
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The objective is to detect presence or absence of pallets in stock at 250 locations to automate the material request.

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Correos is facing the challenge to adapt its last-mile delivery processes to the new market conditions, considering that e-commerce is expanding, delivery times are decreasing, more and more predictability is required in delivery (indicating only the arrival day is no longer valid, but the delivery time is required). We are looking for a new last-mile delivery model that is sustainable, scalable and more convenient for our end users.

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DIGI-B-CUBE Digital Enterprise Innovations for Bioimaging, Biosensing and Biobanking Industries Read more

DIGI-B-CUBE provides grants and support to innovative SMEs to develop prototypes, customised products and services to tackle digitalisation challenges within the health sector, across the Bioimaging, Biosensing and Biobanking industries. They are foreseen for November 2019 in Spain (German Trias i Pujol Hospital / Barcelona) and December 2019 in Belgium

The objective is to detect opportunities for innovation in the health technologies sector through photonic technologies, by exploiting synergies between the two sectors in a dynamic environment that stimulates the generation of consortia for collaborative innovation projects between the participating entities (companies, knowledge centres and hospitals) in order to apply for the open call for funding of up to 60.000€ per SME, that will be launched in April 2020.

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GLOBAL OMNIUM: The objective of the challenge is the improvement of the safety of the maintenance personnel of sewage networks. For this, robotic solutions are sought to save mechanical efforts. The operational maintenance tasks carried out in the sewerage systems are carried out by specialized personnel. Access to systems is often done through well or sewer covers. The purpose of this challenge is to open said covers in a safe and effortless manner, with the support of robotic technology. The solution must consider the different configurations of well covers and be compatible with the main types of records present in the Spanish wastewater networks.

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HENKEL Innovative Solutions in Cybersecurity & Industrial Systems & Industry 4.0 Read more

Henkel is looking for the following deep tech solution:

  • AdvancedMaterials & Technologies: 3DPrinting: Materials and processes that stretch the envelope of additive manufacturing – from functional prototypes to large scale construction materials and general manufactured parts.
  • Advanced and flexible electronic materials—from (medical) sensors and printed heaters to
  • RFID antenna and flexible circuitry.
  • Batteries: Electrochemical cells (in particular thin-film and high capacity), their active and passive thermal management, and mechanical protection.
  • Insulating or active heat management components with focus on electronics, insulation in construction and coatings for a range of industries.
  • New materials for construction and furniture.
  • Smart coatings that bring additional functionality to a surface—from protective through medical, anti-microbial & anti-fingerprint to non-fluorinated super-hydrophobic coatings.
  • Smart Packaging: low-cost printed electronics packaging applications— #RFID #NFC chips – – – – printedsensors.
  • Sustainbale Solutions, building on natural, environmentally-friendly, health/wellbeing & safe concept.
  • FMCG: new surfactants, enzymes, polymers, chelants, antimicrobial actives/preservatives, bleaching agents, perfumes, with new performance benefits for Beauty Care as well as Laundry & Home Care.
  • Multi-category e-commerce platforms/shops.
  • Smart home, connected beauty, smart retail/POS, personal assistants, and printed electronics packaging applications.
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JCDECAUX Small Cells Locator Read more

JCDecaux is looking for startups with a TRL6 to identify locations suited for Small Cells rollout based on actual network coverage and performance.

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The objective of this challenge is to find valuable applications for post-industrial thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) elastomer waste. TPU has unique properties that offer both superior performance and processing flexibility, and it is especially suitable for dynamic applications where mechanical strength and abrasion resistance are required.

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MEDIAPRO New contents for new audiences Read more

Mediapro is looking for new business proposals linked to content creation and distribution, focused on B2C and B2B2C models. Main verticals of interest: entertainment, sports/esports, education, smart cities, smart cars and smart homes

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NAOS/BIODERMA Newservices for Care of Mom&babies Read more

Naos wants to get innovative ideas for monitoring pregnancy, babies’ initial years: data, follow up, etc. Or, to bring new services to mothers (or mothers to be) and babies: these could be soft services (contents, gaming, etc.) or more technological services.

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NISSAN is looking for Startups with technology that is not yet in the market, ideally ready for a proof of concept to develop smartfactory and competitive processes capable of making it right @first time: build in quality, confirm at each step and self-adjust if deviation. Real time control, auto quality inspection to provide quick answers to auto-contermeasure and improve predictive capability.

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NISSAN Connected Workforce for a Smart Factory Read more

Nissan is looking to establish a connected Workforce within the program: TELL ME, GUIDE ME, HELP ME all the employees inside the factory. Smart Work in a Smart Factory.
They will provide to the selected startups a POC at Nissan facilities, they will also provide technical support to evaluate the technology.

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ORANGE - 5G in a Smart City : a new gamefield for (e)Sport & Event user experiences Read more

Orange is looking for innovative ways to further assert the power of networks in gaming, sport, events and tourism. This is addressed for the local population as well as committed Sport/eSport fans and players. Orange is also seeking projects that focus on streaming modes, VR, AR and new ways of communication with the public or TV audience. On a city level, our goal is to maximize sports infrastructure usage and to encourage the public to do sport regularly.

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SAP SE Building a touchless Supply Chain Read more

SAP is seeking solutions for manufacturing as well as asset management operations without human intervention.

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STANDARD PROFIL challenge involves the development of a system or technology for the direct measurement or indirect calculation of the degree of vulcanization of the rubber that composes an extruded profile during the extrusion process in a continuous and real-time manner. One of the lines of work considered is the search for other physical characteristics of the rubber profile obtained, which are correlated with the degree of vulcanization and can be measured continuously, so that a real-time estimation of the degree of vulcanization value can be made indirectly.

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SUARA is looking for technological startups that propose disruptive solutions for the care and attention of people at home:
Disruptive answers for communication with the people attended. • Monitoring and follow-up of people attending at home and in their uport ment. • Efficiency, rationality and innovation in journeys (optimization of routes, commercial strategies, etc.) • Projects that promote an independent life of people at home • Prevention and detection s uport for the s uport status of people • Projects that propose innovative solutions for the company, security and home suport.

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SUEZ Digital technologies to assist technical operations in the urban water cycle Read more

Suez is looking for application of new digital technologies to increase efficiency of operations, to reduce failure risks, to improve workers’ safety and to launch new services, all in the water sector.

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TRUMPF VC-Investments and Collaboration projects in the Field of Advanced Photonics and Smart Factory/Industry 4.0 Read more

Trumpf is looking for startups which to make VC investments or to initiate strategic collaboration projects with TRUMPF. We focus on start-ups that wish to be involved in shaping the industry of the future in the following areas:

  • Industry 40
  • training
  • managementtools
  • Photonics
  • LaserTechnology
  • ManufacturingTechnology
  • Sensors&Automation
  • Connectivity&Compute
  • IndustrialSoftwareSystems
  • IOT
  • CyberSecurity
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VARTA Higher energy density for smaller and smarter wearable devices Read more

Varta is looking for innovative partners in the battery technology business in order to create new solutions for the next generation of wearable devices. We are searching for small- and medium-sized companies as well as start-ups and technology partners with concepts or technologies for the reduction of battery size and increasing efficiency for wearable and hearable applications.

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SIEMENS Shaft for small positioner made of advanced materials Read more

Siemens is looking for a developer and manufacturer of a shaft for a small positioner which will replace the currently used shaft that is made of stainless steel. The new shaft should have nearly the same features as the stainless steel shaft and the optics and surface should also resemble the high-quality appearance of the stainless steel shafts. Furthermore, the characteristics of stainless steel and the cylindricity / concentricity of the shaft must be guaranteed. Replacement material could be advanced plastic materials like e.g. plastic granulate filled with steel fibres.

The shaft will be employed in the field of rough areas (gas, oil, salt etc). If it meets the technical specifications the new shaft could already be on the market or it may have to be developed according to the company’s requirements. Both variants would be possible but the company needs some samples as soon as possible, so it would depend on the stage of development.

Primarily, the company is looking for a partner with expertise in the possible replacement materials who would also manufacture the parts. The envisaged partnership would be a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a manufacturing agreement.

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SIEMENS Laser diodes for laser spectroscopy required Read more

Siemens is looking for a developer and manufacturer of laser diodes which will be employed in the field of laser spectroscopy. If they meet the technical specifications the laser diodes could already be on the market or they may have to be developed according to the company’s requirements. Both variants would be possible but they need some samples as soon as possible, so it would depend on the stage of development.

Primarily the company is looking for a partner from industry with excellent expertise in laser

diodes who would also manufacture the parts. The envisaged partnership would be a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a manufacturing agreement.

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