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Number of staff 37 (May 2018)

CAILabs is a French, deep tech start-up based in Rennes, providing photonic solutions to harness the full potential of optical fibers.

CAILabs develops and produces a large range of light shaping components through our patented, efficient and flexible Multi-Plane Light Conversion technology (MPLC).

It is based on the succession of transverse phase profiles, similar to highly complex lenses, separated by a specific propagation distance. MPLC is a very low loss process, which enables the combination and shaping of multiple light beams. The passive nature of this technology means it can be integrated in systems where reliability is critical.


Cailabs technology is proprietary and is the subject of 19 families of patents (as at March 31, 2018).


Beyond MPLC and the unique know-how necessary for the industrial implementation of this technology, Cailabs also has more general expertise in managing the shape of light.

This combination of skills, means that the company can claim to be a world leader in this particular sector.

More detailed information can be found on Youtube.

Our team

The founders of CAILabs are the inventors of the MPLC technology.

Jean-François Morizur, CAILabs’ CEO, co-invented the fundamental concept of MPLC during its PhD at the
Laboratoire Kastler Brossel. For this invention and the start of CAILabs, he was selected in 2016 among Forbes
30 under 30 Science & Healthcare Europe, and he receives the Norbert Segard Prize in 2015 and the Ernst &
Young Born Global prize in 2017.

Guillaume Labroille, CAILabs’ CTO, turned the concept of MPLC into the prototypes for telecommunication.
These prototypes were critical in raising CAILabs’ 1,1M€ first round of investment, and are the foundation of
all of CAILabs technology today.

Nicolas Treps is a Scientific Advisor for CAILabs and Professor at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie. As
Jean-François Morizur’s PhD supervisor, he co-invented the fundamental concept of MPLC and he was then
instrumental in setting up the project to turn the MPLC into a telecommunication prototype at the Laboratoire
Kastler Brossel. For his participation to the inception of CAILabs, Nicolas received the Jean Jerphagnon Prize
in 2013

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  • High power optical R&D engineer
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