Cedalo AG

Domains Industry 4.0
Number of staff 9
_ComputingCloud Computing - Edge Computing - Fog Computing
_Analytics & AIData representation/visualization - Streaming Analytics

Cedalo has set out on the revolutionary path to empower everyone, also non-programmers, to create and orchestrate microservices, the digital industry and the IoT.

To this end we created the StreamSheet technology. StreamSheets are an end-user friendly, server-based, data agnostic software-innovation which accommodates simple processes as well as high loads of complexity and interconnects apps, IoT devices, software systems and much more fluently. They enable users to analyze, process & forward data streams and actions continuously and in real-time.

StreamSheets are 100% code-free and do not require users to learn a completely new interface but leverage their existing know-how.

This empowers process owners and power users to quickly start prototyping, simulating and implementing real-time IoT applications without lengthy meetings with IT experts. Consequently, implementation speed increases, amortization periods shrink and more projects can be realized.

Our team

We are an ambitious team with a strong technical and entrepreneurial background. Together we have already founded, build and sold 2 software companies successfully, written 3 books on software development and gained 79 years of hands-on programming experience in industry and research.

Job offers

Full Stack JavaScript Developer / Quality and pre-sales engineer / Marketing manager
Feb. 1st, 19
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Full Stack JavaScript Developer

  • Create awesome software for IoT, embedded systems & industry 4.0
  • Co-develop and perfect our StreamSheet technology

Quality and pre-sales engineer

  • Contribute to the further development of our technology and guarantee its high quality
  • Manage features & requirements – also by testing them onfunctionalityand usability
  • Analyze IoT challenges and identify how Streamsheetscan solve customer needs
  • Ensure successful pilot projects and product installations

Marketing manager

  • Develop the brand cedalo and make it well-known
  • Define and implement the communication
    • Especially online (website, SEO, social media, video marketing etc.)
    • But also print (flyer, poster etc.)