Domains Health & Well-Being
Personalized healthcare and nutrition
Non-invasive diagnosis
_SensorsElectric and magnetic
_Other DeepTechNon-Destructive Testing
_ComputingFPGA, ASIC
_Analytics & AIAdvanced Analytics - Data representation/visualization

CellSine provides devices and software that make advanced electrochemical impedance spectroscopy easily accessible to any microbiological researcher. It delivers a platform tool for a that enables a wide variety of biochemical studies and healthcare applications.

Our team
  • Bart Landuyt: Scientific lead, bio-engineer, PhD, oncology expert, strong market knowledge, co-founder at CellSine
  • Eddy-Tim Verjans: Experimental lead, cellular biologist, PhD, cell based assay specialist
  • Jean Marie Stassen: CEO, Pharmacologist, PhD,  former board member of i.a. FlandersBio and Thrombogenics
  • Kris Peeters: Sales lead, Biochemical engineer, sales specialist, CEO of Dols international
  • Pieter De wilde: Hardware lead, Product developer, medical devices specialist, director at Unitron Group
  • Sven Verguts: Technology lead, Chemical engineer, PhD, cellular impedance specialist, Co-founder at CellSine
  • Yves Van Ingelgem: Commercialization lead, Chemical engineer, impedance specialist, Co-founder at CellSine and Zensor