Domains Health & Well-Being
Personalized healthcare and nutrition
Turnover 1.3M USD
Number of staff 12
_SensorsVision and optical - Presence and position - Temperature, humidity and misture
_Other DeepTechImaging, machine vision
_ComputingCloud Computing - Edge Computing - Fog Computing - Grid Computing - CPU, GPU - Distributed computing
_Analytics & AIBig Data Analytics - NoSQL, HADOOP - Data representation/visualization - Machine learning - Deep Learning - Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Detection, recognition and tracking

Advanced Analysis for Agricultural Biotech

Computomics was founded to bring the latest bioinformatics discoveries to industry application, facilitating global agricultural development.
Crops: We parse large genomic data sets for plant breeders, deliver breeding recommendations, and provide molecular biology insight to reduce crop area requirements.
Metagenomics and Microbial Genomics: We analyze complex microbial communities and discover new organisms and metabolic pathways in a variety of samples.

Our team
  • Dr. Sebastian J. Schultheiss, Managing Director and Co-Founder
  • Ina Gerber, B.A., Financials and Office Management
  • Ruth Mayes, B.Sc., Sales Director
  • Christian Dreischer, M.Sc., Scientific Project Manager
  • 5 Bioinformatics Scientists: Analysis and Production
  • 4 Professors for Machine Learning and Plant Genetics: Scientific Advisory Board
  • 2 Business Professionals: Strategic Advisory Board