craftworks GmbH

Domains Industry 4.0
Digital and Connected Factory
On-line, real-time, NDT and quality control
Predictive maintenance
Process and performance optimization
Number of staff 17
_Analytics & AIAdvanced Analytics - Big Data Analytics - Descriptive Analytics - Predictive Analytics - Prescriptive Analytics - Data representation/visualization - Machine learning - Deep Learning - Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Artificial neural networks

Many industrial and automotive companies have several problems in their industrial processes ranging from unexpected disturbances, downtimes to low quality in production. With our solution inefficiency can be decreased and costs cut. We are addressing these problems with individual software solutions using AI and ML algorithms.

We work with industrial companies such as Andritz, use the existing data of their machines, sensors and IT systems to identify problems early and prevent failures. We also identify which parameters influence quality so that less waste is produced during the production process. Visualization of the prediction and usability of the software plays an important role as well.

More detailed information can be found on Youtube.