Ctrl4 Enviro

Domains Mobility
Turnover 200k €
Number of staff 5
_SensorsVision and optical - Temperature, humidity and misture - Air or water quality - Gas and chemical
_Other DeepTechImaging, machine vision
_ComputingCloud Computing - CPU, GPU
_Analytics & AISpeech, Facial, Gestures, Emotions Recognition - Machine learning - Deep Learning - Artificial neural networks - Detection, recognition and tracking

Ctrl4 Enviro is a highly innovative video analytics company based in the Research Park of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. We have end to end hardware and software capabilities to provide solutions addressing the diverse challenges of our customers ranging from cities, public facilities to marinas. We use analysis of video images from already existing/newly installed CCTV/thermal/infrared/stereo cameras to provide useful information to our customers.

From the detection and measurement of a pollutant gas in the environment to the counting and monitoring of people outdoor, we can process and provide useful information for a wide range of scenarios and environments.

Ctrl4 Enviro  introduces  “marinaV” a system for  marinas providing real-time information about berth availability, boats identification and fire and sewage and oil spills detection within the port. marinaV, which will ease ports management, is based in Image Analysis and it has been awarded by European Commission with an Innowwide funding to prepare its introduction in the North American market since next December ‘19. At the same time, a paid pilot will be deployed in the Mediterranean  by beginning of 2020.

Our team

Anton Gomà. Telecommunication engineer with PhD studies in Environmental Sciences.

Víctor Segura. Software engineer and Computer Vision master.

Carlos Valero. Software engineer and expert in automation systems.

Digu Aruchamy. Environmental engineer and Urban Resilience master.

Sergi Pous. Software engineer.