Ctrl4 Enviro

Domains Mobility
Turnover 200 k€
Number of staff 5
_SensorsVision and optical - Temperature, humidity and misture - Air or water quality - Gas and chemical
_Other DeepTechImaging, machine vision
_ComputingCloud Computing - CPU, GPU
_Analytics & AISpeech, Facial, Gestures, Emotions Recognition - Machine learning - Deep Learning - Artificial neural networks - Detection, recognition and tracking

Ctrl4 Enviro develops sensors based on image analysis for its monitoring and control systems. It deploys those systems mainly in the domains of Smart Cities and of energy efficiency with active projects in different European countries.

Our team

Anton Gomà. Telecommunication engineer with PhD studies in Environmental Sciences.

Víctor Segura. Software engineer and Computer Vision master.

Carlos Valero. Software engineer and expert in automation systems.

Digu Aruchamy. Environmental engineer and Urban Resilience master.

Sergi Pous. Software engineer.