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CybelAngel is a worldwide leader in the third-party risk management industry with 320B leaks processed every year, 1.2B credentials detected every year and 12K incident reports sent every year. We detect the leaks that others don’t: Industrial Drawings, DataCenters Blueprints, Network Plans, Contracts… Over the last 6 months, CybelAngel has detected 163B of confidential documents on behalf of 100+ Customers.

CybelAngel provides the most comprehensive coverage to protect your teams, brands and business. We deploy our CybelBots over up to six critical internet perimeters to eliminate exposure before damage occurs. As your organization grows, your digital risk is covered thanks to our solution.

CybelAngel combines AI-powered detection technology with professional remediation services. We help you resolve and take down data leaks with 0 false positive. We protect  you from fraud, ransomware attacks, compliance breaches, economic espionage and loss of reputation.

CybelAngel provides you with executive dashboards, actionable reports, relevant connectors, and so much more. Protect your next big project by updating your data leak  protection on the go and level up your incident response capabilities with takedown support at the click of a button!