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Skin cancer has become a global health issue. Its incidence has been constantly increasing for 50 years and its deadliest form, melanoma, strikes 140,000 people each year around the world. Currently, the diagnosis process performed by the dermatologist implies a biopsy, an invasive sampling which requires further analysis by an external pathological lab. This whole healthcare pathway is long, costly and even inefficient since 1 out of 3 melanoma is unfortunately missed by the dermatologist’s eye.

DAMAE Medical is a young and dynamic start-up established in September 2014. We develop an innovative and patented imaging device able to see beneath the skin, at a cellular resolution, by simple contact on the patient skin. Without any sampling or preparation, our device provides the health professionals with live images similar to traditional histology and therefore facilitates early detection of a wide range of skin pathologies.

DAMAE Medical’s approach is based on the disruptive Line-field Confocal Optical Coherence Tomography (LC-OCT) technology in a novel hand-held diagnostic imaging device. This very unique LC-OCT innovation is the result of more than 15 years of cutting-edge research, conducted by Prof. Arnaud Dubois, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at DAMAE Medical, at an internationally-renowned lab recognized for its expertise in the field of optical imaging. This point-of-care technology allows for immediate, non-invasive, in depth diagnosis of all types and stages of skin cancers, with ultra-high cellular level resolution.

The technology is currently tested by European Key Opinion Leaders in a routine easy-handling diagnostic device in clinical settings (academic hospitals and large clinics), enabling them to diagnose skin cancer more accurately, non-invasively, and from the earliest stage.

More information can be found on this Youtube video.

Our team

The project was launched by Anaïs BARUT and David SIRET, two graduates from Institut d’Optique, and Arnaud DUBOIS, a senior researcher at the Charles Fabry Laboratory (CNRS / Institut d’Optique Graduate School / Université Paris-Sud).

Arnaud is an expert in optical imaging and has a strong background in developing technologies for medical applications. when he discovered a new state-of-the-art technique with the potential to revolutionize dermatologic practice, he found in Anaïs and David to be the perfect partners in drive his innovation to business.

Anaïs, both an engineer and a graduate of the HEC Paris School of Management, offers her expertise in managing disruptive technologies. David, an engineer and entrepreneur, paves the way for the technical development and industrialization of the technology.

Driven by this talented team combining scientific and technical excellence with business skills, DAMAE Medical was established in September 2014.

To achieve the integration of DAMAE Medical’s technology in the medical sector, the leading team is regularly advised and guided by a diversely qualified group of partners.

Job offers

Medical Image Processing Engineer
Feb. 1st, 19
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Medical Image Processing Engineer :

  • You are in charge of developing image processing algorithms to improve quality and aspect of the optical acquisitions of our device
  • In collaboration with our partners in dermatology, you build the requirement specifications to develop tailor-made image analysis algorithms. You work closely with our subcontractors to show first proof of concept and set a repetitive process approach with dermatologists
  • You manage the optimization and the continuous improvement process of the software. You implement machine learning algorithms to improve both accuracy and robustness of the image analysis