Domains Smart City
Smart Home, Building, City
Smart Grids, energy monitoring and saving
Waste management
Turnover 500k
Number of staff 14
_Analytics & AIBig Data Analytics - Descriptive Analytics - Predictive Analytics - Prescriptive Analytics - Data representation/visualization - Machine learning - Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The Solutions developed by DATAPOLE are based on powerful Artificial Intelligence algorithms and the use of numerous data. These solutions allow to have a better understanding of an activity and to anticipate its fluctuations in order to deploy the right amount of resources, in accordance with the needs of final users. Solutions developed by DATAPOLE answer to 4 main issues: – Cost optimization – Operational Excellence – Improvement of users’ satisfaction and quality of life at work – Reduction of environmental footprint. PrediSmart is a software platform, multi-sites, multi-activities, dedicated to Facility Management activity. Various Expert Modules can be deployed from the platform: – PrediServices is the module for the optimization of building Operations and Maintenance – PrediWatt is the module for the optimization of energy consumption – PrediWater is our module for the optimization of Water distribution and treatment – PrediWaste is our module for the optimization of Waste collection and treatment.

Our team

Datapole is a French company, based in Paris, with over 8 years experience delivering solutions of Big Data Analysis to customers in the markets of facility management, energy efficiency, resource management and smart cities. Datapole team is composed of 14 highly skilled members with professional profiles that include PhDs in Mathematics, Statisticians, SW engineers, SW developers…