24 Mar. 2020
News > DeepTech4Good program extended!

Breaking news! Due to Covid19, DeepTech4Good program is extended till this fall.

In this regard, please take into account the following information:

Hello Tomorrow Global summit

Initially scheduled on March 12th & 13th is rescheduled on October 22nd & 23rd. If you had taken a ticket – it will still be a Partner on the event with a booth and conference management. Contact your local Partner for questions.

Start-up Europe Summit

Due to the extension of the program, Deep Tech 4 Good will be present with a booth during the 2 days Stuttgart Bade-Wurtenberg start-up summit and Start-up Europe Summit July 23rd and 24th.
Booth for start-ups are free (upon selection) – last day to register was initially March 25th and will be extended but be quick if you want to participate and contact you DT4G partner if questions. It is two joined events Startup BW Summit on July 23rd.
Both Paris & Systematic Paris-Region will organize some match major industry players and start-ups match-making along spécifications for business chalenges issued by major players. We are both engaged in presenting Deep Tech 4 Good start-ups relevant to these challenges and to these challenges and let the major players the choice to meet you virtually in April or physically later on.

Set of actions, from the EU Commission, to tackle Covid-19

The Commission has published a set of actions to tackle the current outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Learn more.

EIB Group will rapidly mobilise up to EUR 40 billion to fight crisis caused by Covid-19 and calls on Member States to set up a further guarantee for SME and mid-cap support from EIB Group and national promotional banks. Learn more.

European Commission’s €37 billion Corona Response Investment Initiative through structural funds: for Corona related health expenditure (including respiratory machines & PPE), Support to SMEs working capital, Short term employment schemes. Learn more.