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Process and performance optimization
Number of staff 7
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_Analytics & AIMachine learning - Deep Learning - Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The mission of difacturo is to simplify e-invoicing. We help our customers to reduce the costs for the handling of e-invoices by more than 90%. Thanks to our standardization methods, the solution can be used efficiently by small businesses to large corporations.
Our peers are globally distributed, and we also work with local partners as node operators in each customer region.
Although the focus in the first phase is on the European market, we are consistently working on placing our solutions globally.

We form a network for our customers and partners to simplify automated invoice processing. Our process includes all ERP and accounting systems and can also operate all interfaces via Robotics Process Automation (RPA) to prepare invoices fully automatically.

Based on third-generation blockchain technology (Hyperledger), we offer our customers the opportunity to securely, easily and cost-effectively exchange data with their business partners.

In addition to B2B invoices, cash receipts at the cash register are also delivered from the cash registers to the end customer’s mobile phone via the difacturo interface.

Further information can be found on Youtube.

Our team

Rainer Kandlhofer
CEO & Founder
IT & Marketing, Sales, SAP

Wolfgang Lamot
CT & Co-Founder
IT & Marketing, dev, SAP

Robert Seeger
CMO & Co-Founder
Marketing, Speaker

Dr. Herbert Wechtitsch
Chef Strategy Officer
Develop a copany, Sales, SAP

Lisa Kandlhofer
Managin assistant

Robert Mitwicki
sen. Development, Blockchain