E2T - Efficient Energy Technology GmbH

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Smart Grids, energy monitoring and saving
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Number of staff 15
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EET is one of the fastest growing start-ups in styria, producing an innovative photovoltaic and storage system – SolMate.

SolMate is a small power plant for your balcony, which can be installed by each and everyone without the assistance of a technician or a fitter. It consists of 5 flexible and lightweight photovoltaic panels and a storage unit. The panels are put over the balcony railing, the fence or anywhere the sun is shining on and are then connected to the storage device. The storage device itself is plugged into the wall socket. This way, green, renewable electricity is fed back into the household socket and available in the entire home.

Saving electricity and helping the environment – without any kind of contract with your power supplier.

Our team

EET – Efficient Energy Technology was founded on May 9th, 2017 by Florian Gebetsroither, Christoph Grimmer and Stephan Weinberger under the name E2T. The core technology has been developed at Graz University of Technology, hence EET is a University spin-off. After only a few months of development und publicity work, the young start-up caught interest of the first big companies as well as potential investors. In December 2017, the first round of funding was concluded with Mr. Klaus Fronius and Mr. Michael Koncar. With the assistance of those new partners, the dynamic within EET developed very well, resulting in a team expansion to 15 members.