Domains Industry 4.0
Process and performance optimization
Number of staff 11
_SensorsVision and optical

EikoSim has created EikoTwin, a software environment that enables dialog between tests and real-world simulation. Based on innovating image processing techniques, EikoTwin aims at bridging the gap that engineers often experience between the virtual world and the real world.

During the design of innovating products, mechanical engineers often meet a discrepancy between the simulation results, that are a prediction of the system behavior, and the mechanical test that is supposed to validate this simulation. The result is often an increase in the number of tests, which can be extremely costly in a development project.

EikoTwin collects images of the mechanical structure to measure its displacements ands deformations. The finite element mesh transferred from the numerical simulation becomes the focus points for measurement data. At the end of the story, the customer gets a better simulation, which ensures confidence and helps avoiding complementary tests that would have been very costly for our client.

More information can be found on Youtube.