Expert Teleportation

Domains Industry 4.0
Digital and Connected Factory
Process and performance optimization
Turnover 530K€
Number of staff 11
_Other DeepTechAugmented, virtual and mixed reality

Uptime (equipment, team, etc.) is a key of many industrial business. It’s no secret, technical issues are numerous, often very urgent and 81% of technical interventions are very complex. There is huge serious skill gap (+81% of industrial company will have issue soon with retirement of skill technicians, 51% don’t have a up-to-date documentation, +75% have a problem with recruitment, 87% are interested to reduce travel cost of their technician).

ALL of the current communication tools have their limits and the presence of a specialist is often required to diagnose and resolve an issue (a phone call does not allow one to see the situation, a GoPro camera does not allow for transmission/discussion in real time, a smartphone with Skype does not leave one’s hands free, a photo is not interactive, a boroscopic inspection takes hours/the video must be sent, watched, etc.).  Expert Teleportation enables experts from around the world to access any problem, anywhere, at anytime. 

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Project Manager / Consultant Sales
Feb. 1st, 19
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