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_Analytics & AIMachine learning - Deep Learning - Artificial Intelligence (AI)

FSIGHT offers a unique distributed grid operating system (Energy AI) that ensures that energy flows at the optimal time, direction and volume. Energy AI forecasts when energy is produced and consumed and takes optimal decisions when to use, store or trade electricity to balance the local grid and to achieve cost advantages for end consumers, service providers and grid operators. Energy AI can be used to optimize single households, commercial and industrial sites as well as whole communities and grid areas.

PREDICT is FSIGHT’S artificial intelligence forecasting solution allowing for both top-down and bottom-up forecasting of ‘grid’ meters (for both consumption and production). The system is fully automatic, generates highly competitive results and is easy to integrate with existing solutions.

FSIGHT runs a live renewable energy community and P2P trading pilot in Maale Gilboa, Israel, with over 200 participants, 1.5 MWp of PV and wind generation, batteries, pump storage and smart appliances.