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Gelatex Technologies is a materials technology company specialized in innovating nanofibers and nanofiber production technologies.

Gelatex has invented the fastest solution-spinning method for producing nanofibers on a large scale in continuous line. It is a platform technology that provides value for enabling faster and up to 75% cheaper production for applications like 3D scaffolds for tissue engineering, bio-based filters, eco-friendly leather-like textile, energy storage, and many more.  

Company’s history is on gelatin-based nanofibers that we used to make eco-friendly leather-like textile. The need of scaling up the production of nanofibers arised from our own need but we see that the technology might help also other companies in life sciences, filtration, textile and energy field. 

We are looking for funding to bring the technology from prototype to industrial stage and to customers. We are also open for co-development projects and pilots with companies in nanofibers field, especially focusing on tissue engineering, wound care, bio-based filters and ultracapacitors.