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Personalized healthcare and nutrition
Turnover 75k
Number of staff 4
_Analytics & AIAdvanced Analytics - Descriptive Analytics - Predictive Analytics - Prescriptive Analytics - Data representation/visualization - Detection, recognition and tracking

Let the food be your medicine!

     Everybody can live longer and healthy, eating according to genetic and microbiome profile, find cancers risks and using a digital platform, can determine food & supplements to cover personal nutritional needs.

    We democratize access to PRECISION NUTRITION for EVERYBODY. Patients will be empowered to participate more fully in their own care

   We offer free access to NUTRITION ASSESSMENT DIGITAL PLATFORM and using a patent-pending algorithm based on STANDARD nutritional needs, physical activity, and actual eating pattern, users find NUTRIENTS DEFICIENCIES and can determine the exact quantity of food and supplements to cover nutritional needs and a proper meal plan.

   For a more personalized approach, we provide nutrigenetic, microbiome and screening tests

   Technology is transforming the world and changes are fundamental, bringing new service (NUTRITION ASSESSMENT) and products (NUTRIGENETIC and MICROBIOME TESTS) in the market we forge closer relationships between nutritionists, clinicians and patients, allowing implementation of personalized approach and lowering medical costs.

The algorithm used to transform the nutrients in exact quantities of food to cover nutritional needs based on genetic code is in a patent pending process.

Our team

Simona Ivanov (MD) co-founder is the most experienced person in the team for developing new products on new markets with 20 years experience at Abbott/Abbvie

Mircea Ivanov (BA) co-founder is a young entrepreneur with experience in IT project management and direct selling. He also created his first start-up in 2012 which had online presence and mobile application.

Mihai Niculescu (MD, PhD, Researcher) has been awarded a 2 ml. euro fund to research the area of nutrigenetics. He has more than 15 years’ experience as a genetic lab manager.

Bogdan Ivanov (BSc, BA) Over 25 years of experience in sales and operations, with extensive experience in software application development, organization and projects management.

Martin Kohlmeier (MD, PhD, Researcher) is an internationally recognized writer in the field of genetics. He also is the Secretary of International Associations of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics

Gabriel Moldoveanu (BSc) software engineer, knowledge of computer systems and technology, multiple programming languages, designing databases and create web and mobile applications.

Responsible for IT development