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Personalized healthcare and nutrition
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GoodMix is ​​an integrated digital solution for coaching and nutritional and sports recommendations which are personalized, contextual and permanently adapted to the user’s objectives and behaviors to prevent the risks or complications of chronic diseases and respond to the company’s problems, faced with the economic cost and the impact on its overall performance of these pathologies which are often invisible and taboo. Our weighted constraint problem solving methods include machine learning tools for predicting and evaluating recommendations and tools from BigData for fine analysis of collected data allowing cross-referencing of medical, behavioral, dietetic, sports, editorial data, events and side trades, including diagnosis, management and impact assessment. Today it is more than 1000 qualitative recipes, and contents are adapted to the tastes, pleasures and desires of the individual with more than 15 types of diet, many preferences, a synchronized agenda, a dynamic shopping list for example , in a non-stigmatizing approach.