Domains Industry 4.0
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_Analytics & AIData representation/visualization - Machine learning - Deep Learning - Artificial Intelligence (AI)

GreenTropism is a French company at the crossroads between manufacturers of spectral technologies and end-users, enabling Spectroscopy for Industry 4.0. By bundling the hardware technologies and its software suite, GreenTropism enables instantaneous, non-destructive, online analysis of various matters and samples in industries such as food processing, environmental industries, chemistry, fabrics, counterfeiting detection,….

Being hardware agnostic, GreenTropism covers today the fields of lab, process and miniaturized devices, in the spectral range of UV, Visible light, Near Infrared, MIR, Raman, LIBS,… GreenTropism works as well on Machine Vision and multi- and hyperspectral technologies with its dedicated algorithms.

These algorithms has been proved efficient for dealing with ”spectral-like” data such as chromatography data (liquid and gas), mass spectrometry, NMR, Maldi-TOF,…

GreenTropism brings to both worlds its software suite, allowing:

-Hardware characterization and selection

-Efficient and easier data collection, no matter the amount of contributors, devices, sites and factories,…

-Automatized data preprocessing and data modelling for spectral data, hypercubes,…

-HMI for instantaneous spectral interpretation

GreenTropism can deploy its technology for cloud-based systems or in embedded mode.

Main disclosable customers: Veolia, Hyundai, Unity SC,…