Domains Mobility
Number of staff 13
_SensorsAcoustic, sound and vibration - Force, pressure, load
_Other DeepTechAdvanced materials
_Analytics & AIIHM, multimodal/natural human-machine interactions

Hap2U designs and develops patented technology to enhance experiences in the digital world by integrating the sense of touch in tactile devices. A new, haptic universe is now possible with the world’s thinnest and most reliable haptic technology, using materials and manufacturing processes well-known in the semiconductor industry. Founded in 2015, hap2U has built on several years of research and development, with seven global patents in hardware and software based on the science of haptics.

Our team

The team, based in Grenoble, France, brings complementary expertise in material science, haptics, acoustics, embedded systems, electronics, software development, and user experience to allow users to touch and feel what is on their screens.