Hex GmbH

Domains Industry 4.0
Digital and Connected Factory
Process and performance optimization
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_Analytics & AIBig Data Analytics - Descriptive Analytics - Predictive Analytics - Prescriptive Analytics - Machine learning

We excel in real-time operational planning in logistics and enable disruptive improvements of business processes. Our innovative algorithms build on our expertise in Analytics, AI and Optimization and constitute the basis of our modular, scaleable and expandable software solutions that accelerate planning processes up to several orders of magnitude and result in savings of logistic costs and resources between 5 % and 20 %.

Our customers are mobility service providers, food retailers and freight transport and production companies that aim at seizing speed-up and savings potentials of their operational planning and logistic processes through digitization, automation, optimization and forecasting. Our key application areas can be categorized as “Road”, “Rail”, “Production” and “Business Intelligence”.

Our customized software and our scalable SaaS-solutions build on a shared modular system of proven AI components. Our interdisciplinary agile teams, consisting of developers, mathematicians and statisticians, create innovative solutions, which typically process large amounts of constantly changing input data in real time in order to compute optimal adjustments of complex plans and operations.