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Number of staff 12
_SensorsVision and optical
_Other DeepTechDrones - 3D Design, Simulation - Imaging, machine vision - Augmented, virtual and mixed reality
_ComputingCloud Computing
_Analytics & AIArtificial Intelligence (AI)

Founded in 2013 and active in 21 countries, Iconem’s mission is to further conservation of the world’s endangered cultural heritage sites by digitising them in 3D for exploration and study, today and tomorrow.

Our expert team travels the globe, leveraging the largescale scanning capacity of drones and the photorealistic quality of 3D, to record sites that are imperilled by looting, urbanisation, mass tourism, armed conflict, and climate change. Iconem works with international organisations and world class museums such as UNESCO and the Louvre.

Our 3D models and training for local professionals facilitate the critical conservation and restoration work of cultural heritage experts. Our digital content curated for museum exhibitions immerses visitors in the treasured sites that represent the wealth of our planet’s cultural heritage. As a result of Iconem’s partnerships with INRIA and Microsoft Research, our AI-based technology and computer vision algorithms have enabled us to become the leader in the photorealistic 3D digitisation of cultural heritage sites.

To get an impression of our work watch our demo video on Youtube.

Our team

Yves Ubelmann, President and Founder: A graduate of the Ecole d’Architecture de Versailles, Yves is an architect with over 15 years of experience in emergency surveys and 3D scans of threatened heritage.

Etienne Tellier, CEO: A graduate of HEC, Etienne has over 13 years of experience as CFO and head of production in the media and content industries.

Jonathan Chemla, CTO: A graduate of Supelec and University College London, Jonathan is specialised in computer graphics, vision, and imaging.

Khalila Hassouna, Head of Sales: A graduate of Sciences Po Strasbourg, Khalila has over 15 years of  experience as a head of sales and fundraiser in the cultural sector.