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_SensorsVision and optical
_Other DeepTechImaging, machine vision
_Analytics & AIMachine learning - Deep Learning - Artificial Intelligence (AI)

One out of seven couples suffers from infertility. Their main medical hope is in vitro fertilization (IVF), which however only works around ~20% of the times. To minimize the number of cycles a couple has to go through to have a baby, we offer clinical decision-making tools to IVF professionals using AI.

ImVitro aims to become the operating system of fertility clinics. Its software analyses a myriad of data that surrounds the culture of embryos in the lab to personalize important medical decisions and maximize each couple’s chances of conceiving a child as fast as possible.

Our product is a SaaS platform that takes in both clinical parameters about the patients and visuals of embryo. Our first feature consists in applying AI to videos of embryos cultivated in the lab to automate and improve embryo evaluation which is too often done manually today, so that doctors know in a data-driven and reproducible way which embryo has the highest chance of leading to a pregnancy. Our tools will help doctors make informed decisions and increase transparency in IVF both for doctors and patients.

Further information can be found on Youtube.