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Non-invasive diagnosis
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Innitius is developing novel patented medical devices based on torsional wave technology for the diagnosis of conditions or syndromes based on the consistency of the tissue being tested. The first product, Fine Birth is designed to facilitate an evidence based decision-making process relating to Preterm labor (PTL) using a combination of torsional ultrasound waves and artificial intelligence to measure the shear mechanical properties of the mother’s cervix and provide a clear interpretation to drive decision making.  The Clinical goal of the device is to differentiate between false pre-term labor and true labor and by doing so improve patient outcomes and lower the costs associated with the unnecessary hospitalization and administration of therapeutics to false preterm labor patients.  The Fine Birth device will allow doctors to diagnose the risk of delivery in real time, and to detect false preterm labor, delivering substantial positive benefits to both patients, their families and payors.


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