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Insulcloud S.L. is a company that works on designing technological solutions based on R & D for improving the treatment tracking of chronic diseases in which a device is needed to administer the medication, such as diabetes, growth disturbance, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, breathing problems, etc.

At Insulcloud, we work to increase the quality of life of chronic patients and improve the adherence to their treatment. Our first project is Insulclock®, a system based on a device which monitors the treatment of diabetes with insulin pen.

The truth is that the efficiency of diabetes treatment with insulin pen is very high. The challenge for stakeholders involved is to increase the adherence to treatment with the aim of improving the monitoring of the disease. Insulclock® improves the adherence to treatment and the patient’s quality of life.

Insulclock® is a patented system made up an AI device attachable to insulin pens and a mobile application connected with the Cloud. We are the first company obtaining data related with insulin administration from disposable insulin pens and blood sugar levels from several glucometers. Our system monitors and tracks the treatment of diabetic patient, allowing for improving the quality of life and the adherence to treatment, which is very low (64% in USA and Europe).


Insulclock® transforms the insulin pen into a smart-insulin-pen, taking advantage of the insulin administering moment, by automatizing data entering and by interconnecting the administering of the medicament with the digital world of smartphones, PC’s, tablets and the Cloud.