23 Sep. 2019
News > KML VISION is now developing the IKOSA​®​ online platform


Artificial intelligence accelerates automated images analysis

KML VISION revolutionizes automated analysis of large image data. With the IKOSA® online platform, which is based on artificial intelligence, life sciences and industrial companies can perform visual analysis faster, more accurately and more reproducibly than ever before.

Visual inspections and controls are frequently used in life sciences, healthcare and industry for various research and development, quality assurance and quality control tasks. The examination of many samples plays an important role in these processes. As an example, complex structures such as cells, bacteria, defects or other similar objects must be studied under a microscope. In-depth analysis and strong expertise is required to perform these tasks.  Although digital images are often already present due to ongoing digitization in many organizations, there was no effective automated analysis available. To solve this problem, KML VISION is currently developing the IKOSA® online platform. IKOSA® allows fast, accurate and reproducible image analysis. The platform also provides simple and modern image data management, visualization and processing of images of variable dimensions in a multi-user system.

IKOSA® – The Platform for Automated Image Analysis

Through the IKOSA® platform, KML Vision’s team provides its customers a modern and efficient tool for fast, reproducible and cost-effective image analysis. The platform allows simultaneous and collaborative management, visualization, annotation and evaluation of images of any size. Multiple analysis applications are based on deep learning and then on promising new developments in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. In order to facilitate the integration in the customer’s value chain or third-party products, the platform provides a flexible interface (API), which increases attractiveness for existing and potential customers in the future. The combination of technologies, as well as KML Vision’s business model, represents a different approach in the field of life sciences and grants customers, partners and users access to new technologies. Depending on customer needs, IKOSA® can be used online as a Software-as-a-Service on demand or licensed for on-site use.

KML Vision GmbH was founded by Dr Philipp Kainz und DDr. Michael Mayrhofer-Reinhartshuber in August 2018 and is based in Graz, Austria. Its clients include companies in the medical technology, biotechnology and environmental sciences sectors, as well as pharma companies and academic research institutes. In October 2018, the Styrian Business Development Agency (SFG) became an co-shareholder through an investment under its venture capital program.


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