Leftshift One Software GmbH

Domains Industry 4.0
Digital and Connected Factory
On-line, real-time, NDT and quality control
Automation, robotics and cobotics
Predictive maintenance
Number of staff 11
_Analytics & AIAnalytics of Things (AoT) - Big Data Analytics - Predictive Analytics - Data representation/visualization - Speech, Facial, Gestures, Emotions Recognition - Machine learning - Cognitive Computing - Deep Learning - Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Artificial neural networks

Leftshift One offers the most compact AI on the German-speaking market and developed an AI-as-a-Service platform called G.A.I.A. The Generic Artificial Intelligence Application (G.A.I.A.) is a system with modular artificial cognitive capabilities. It uses state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, as well as algorithms concerning conductive logic programming and rule-based pattern matching. G.A.I.A. is a self-sufficient system which can be used for the creation, management, and operation of digital assistants.