Living Brain GmbH

Domains Health & Well-Being
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_Other DeepTech3D Design, Simulation - Augmented, virtual and mixed reality
_Analytics & AIBig Data Analytics - Machine learning

Living Brain develops an innovative training approach for people with cognitive impairment resulting from neurological diseases. Therefore we base our exercises on combining psychological learning strategies, different training approaches, neuroscience and recent research. Cognitive abilities (e.g. memory, concentration, attention) are important for all activities in our daily life – ranging from simple tasks like making coffee to performing at work. Using our training software, patients can train these activities in a safe environment and as often as needed.

To be able to provide realistic and controllable training we use Virtual Reality. Living Brain was founded by the psychologists Barbara Stegmann and Julian Specht. The idea is inspired by the personal story of Julian who suffered epilepsy and had to undergo high risk neurosurgery, which was luckily successful.