M2i Biocontrol

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M2i biocontrol is a French company, European leader in pheromone production and commercialization for crop protection. We chemically reproduce insect pheromones and then use it to biologically protect crop and green spaces.

Our pheromones are used to protect different areas : Home & Garden; Green spaces, monuments and parks; and agriculture.

Pheromones are 100% eco-friendly, selective and without resistance development. It’s an efficient and credible alternative to pesticide. Thus, we preserve environment and limit pesticide use.

M2i solutions have three different ways of application: Monitoring (to survey and control pest population, adapted for garden), Mass-trapping (numerous trap disposed to reduce pest population) and mating disruption ( pheromone spread in the air to impact pest behavior and reduce population, feasible in huge spaces). These three applications methods can be adapted to every kind of areas, our product range is composed of more than 70 products to deal with the  main devastation pests.