mechatronic factory GmbH

Domains Industry 4.0
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_SensorsVision and optical
_Analytics & AIMachine learning - Deep Learning - Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Artificial neural networks

The goal of mechatronic factory GmbH is to create mechatronic products that are technologically sophisticated and of very high quality (especially in the smartphone industry). Our strength lies in our broad spectrum of technologies, such as information technology, electronics and mechanics. It is only through this interaction in the system that novel products and ideas such as the ADcase can be created.

Our main competences and strengths lie in the rapid development of new products. The use of the latest simulation methods and manufacturing processes enables us to develop mechatronic products quickly and efficiently and to check their technical feasability. This way we are best prepared for the new development of smartphone accessories.

Our main product – the ADcase – is the world’s first actively protective smartphone case that protects the smartphone against fall damage. ADcase stands for active damping case. If, for example, the smartphone falls out of your hand due to carelessness, the integrated free-fall detection immediately detects this from the case. Thereupon, damper elements fold out at all four corners and optimally cushion the smartphone and protect it from annoying damage. After a fall, the shock absorbers can simply be manually retracred, and the smartphone is reliably protected for the next and many more falls. For a better understanding, you can visit our website or watch our video on Youtube.