Novaflash GmbH

Domains Industry 4.0
Turnover N/A
Number of staff N/A
_Other DeepTechSecurity, cryptography
_ComputingFPGA, ASIC

Novaflash GmbH, founded in March 2019, is a team composed by 7 guys. Its core business is the design and production of In-System Programmers designed for production environment for Flash memory based devices, like microcontrollers and serial/parallel memories (NAND, NOR, eMMC). Architecture implemented to realize Novaflash programmer, called Hydra, is currently patent pending.

Hydra splits the big hardware that constitutes the products today on the market into 2 modules: a unit in charge of the communication with a host system who controls the instruments and a tiny POD module in charge of the instructions to erase/read/write the Flash memory of the target devices. This new technology adopted avoids problems in communication and reaches very short programming times. This corresponds to an improvement of efficiency and to a huge costs reduction for users.

Hydra can program up to 4 devices at a time, saving in this way even more time. Hydra is designed using components that allow Hydra to work 24/7 in the most demanding manufacturing lines. All these features are implemented in a particularly innovative system based on a concept never appeared on the market before.