Domains Industry 4.0
Predictive maintenance
Process and performance optimization
Number of staff 10
_SensorsTemperature, humidity and misture - Electric and magnetic - Air or water quality - Flow and debit - Acoustic, sound and vibration
_ComputingEdge Computing - Fog Computing - Distributed computing
_Analytics & AIAnalytics of Things (AoT) - Predictive Analytics - Data representation/visualization - Machine learning

nymea is an OS for connected devices (IoT), which mainly solves the issues of interconnectivity and outdating of connected machines.

Integrated API management (https://nymea.io/wiki/nymea/master) turns IoT products/instances into integrated gateways:
any application (embedded/edge or hosted) may utilize these libraries to seamlessly read and write data from any API or protocol.

guh GmbH is an aPaaS (application Platform as a Service) company in the IoT industry based in Vienna/Austria offering enterprise services.
The fundamental scope is increasing reliability of decentralized I(o)T infrastructures and involves maintenance, management and OTA for any application executed on remote hardware.

From a business perspective, nymea disrupts the problem of use-case-driven market approaches, by expanding the capabilities of IoT products to a general purpose computer.

nymea enables any device to run any (IoT) application through a sandboxed and manageable edge framework.

The backend of nymea is comparable to Appstores for consumer devices. It avoids the concept of isolated applications.

nymea’s effortless IoT application deployment, eases the validation of added value since application iterations become fully digital.

Our team

The team mainly consists out of senior embedded engineers with great track record in embedded / edge computing and historically working for companies like Canonical/Ubuntu, Qt, and Chip Design companies.

It is a group of ambitious senior experts that learned the do’s and don’ts for distributed products – both on technical and economical side.

The team is hired by well-known companies around the globe to support or introduce a new IoT product / business.