Domains Industry 4.0
Predictive maintenance
Process and performance optimization
Number of staff 10
_SensorsTemperature, humidity and misture - Electric and magnetic - Air or water quality - Flow and debit - Acoustic, sound and vibration
_ComputingEdge Computing - Fog Computing - Distributed computing
_Analytics & AIAnalytics of Things (AoT) - Predictive Analytics - Data representation/visualization - Machine learning

In 2012 Bernhard and Simon were inspired by Korean’s sophisticated human-machine relations during an exchange semester. Back home the idea of nymea, a disruptive SDK for smart products was born. After 3 years of validating tech and business model nymea GmbH was incorporated in 2016.

The company focuses on integrated interoperability, enabled by a professional B2B IoT interoperability SDK.

Today nymea GmbH delivers turn-key solutions to well known brands in entertainment electronics, access control and energy industry to create products that ”works with” any popular IoT platform or device.

More information can be found on Youtube.

Our team

The team mainly consists out of senior embedded engineers with great track record in embedded / edge computing and historically working for companies like Canonical/Ubuntu, Qt, and Chip Design companies.

It is a group of ambitious senior experts that learned the do’s and don’ts for distributed products – both on technical and economical side.

The team is hired by well-known companies around the globe to support or introduce a new IoT product / business.