ODS International

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_SensorsGas and chemical

Restoring the environment at refineries, hydrocarbon storage areas, chemical plants and industrial plots (operating and brownfield) is a lucrative market. Removing the floating free phase of pollutants is the first remediation step and is mandatory prior to treating the groundwater or soil.

ODSI owns an innovative and patented technology to skim hydrocarbons from aquifers providing its owner a substantial competitive advantage. It is a turnkey solution comprising pumping and storage containers which can each be linked to up to 40 skimmers placed into wells. The skimming solution is remotely controlled. The skimming technology is associated with a specific design of the wells to be used to improve LNAPL recovery.

ODSI has successfully completed the phases of pilot case, test and transition and first customers in Belgium, France and South Africa. It has started  to move to the next step of international growth.

The largest growth potential comes from regions where the environmental awareness and regulations are new and influencing decision makers: China, India, Asia, Brazil, Central Europe… International growth is also possible in mature markets like Western Europe and the USA.

The current owners are seeking a third party to step-in to support the growth in the international markets.

Further information can be found on Youtube.