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Bone is the most frequently grafted tissue.

1,2 millions bone grafting procedures are performed every year related to tumor,trauma or infection.

A few millimeters bone loss doesn’t regenerate and need to be compensated.

In that case the surgeon needs to perform two surgeries: harvesting a bone graft from the iliac crest of the patient and shaping the graft. Other alternatives are using bone from tissue banks with potential infection risks and metallic or polymeric implants which takes the place of bone and need to be replaced after time.

To overcome these drawbacks and offer a better cost / efficient treatment alternative OsseoMatrix has developed a disruptive technology: the bone direct 3D printing. This unique technology is protected by strong international patents.

With his proprietary technology and a recognised expertise on additive manufacturing and biomaterials Osseomatrix offers a complete range of implants for personalized healthcare, and biomodels.

Our team

The project has been initiated by Dr Didier NIMAL surgeon and serial entrepreneur and is a result of research and development programs initiated with the CEA, Ecole des Mines and CNRS.

The Core team is gathering experts on complementary fields:

Dr Didier NIMAL CEO of the company is a Dental & Maxillo-facial surgeon and is graduated from the HEC School of Management. He was previously CEO of several leading medical device companies (Cochlear, NobelBiocare …)

Bertrand Valentin is graduated from the ESSEC school of management and has more than 10 years experience in medical device companies.

Antoine is a mechanical engineer and a CAD/CAM expert and Miriam is a quality manager graduated from ENSAM.

The team gathered more than 50 years experience on the field of medical devices and is advised by an international scientific committee and a strategic committee