P.SYS caring systems KG

Domains Health & Well-Being
Monitoring and autonomy solutions for disabled and elderly

Elderly people want to live longer independently. Due to the demographic development in Europe and other industrialized regions, a decreasing group of supporting people has to care for this rapidly increasing group of elderly.

P.SYS develops intelligent systems that will call for help when the client is unable to do so!

Common Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) require manual activation and human interventions. People in distress often cannot trigger this help chain because they are unable to manually push a button or may not even be aware that they need help.

The P.SYS Bed Monitor is a specially designed, non-intrusive sensor set for the bedroom which ensures monitoring and detection of emergencies during sleep. The Bed Monitor is a module from the Detect & Connect Series, a user oriented Autonomous Personal Emergency Response System (APERS) which connects elderly people to the most applicable support from their social environment in case of irregularities or extraordinary needs. It can be used as stand-alone module or integrated in our full APERS system.

The autonomous, self learning system monitors and models the person without intrusive technology or learning curves. It can communicate to caregivers or emergency services in different ways, tailored to the circumstances. Therefore it is suitable for private and institutional monitoring/use.


This product is a result of an FFG & KWF publicly funded research and development effort, in which we target an individualized and full protection system for elderly persons adapted to the specific needs and requirements of this age group. The development is made possible with the help of many engaged partner organisations. Interested parties who may want to support our efforts or see benefits in our joint achievements are encouraged to contact us.