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Number of staff 40
_SensorsVision and optical - Temperature, humidity and misture - Air or water quality - Acoustic, sound and vibration
_Other DeepTechRobots, cobots
_ComputingCloud Computing
_Analytics & AIAdvanced Analytics - Analytics of Things (AoT) - Big Data Analytics - Descriptive Analytics - Data representation/visualization - IHM, multimodal/natural human-machine interactions - Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Artificial neural networks

Partnering Robotics is a company who provides innovative solutions in service robotic. We created Diya One X, the world’s first and only autonomous robot dedicated to the wellbeing of building’s occupants and its energy efficiency.

Diya One X is a mobile robot that can autonomously navigate in large and dynamic indoor environment from 500 to 1 000 square meters and very soon much more. It operates smoothly and discreetly around people, objects and furniture in open space, museums, shopping centers or train station.

For the first time in the service robotic world, a robot doesn’t need lasers, or a prerecorded map or a configuration of the environment. Diya One has an artificial intelligence neuro-inspired developed by Partnering’s team (5 patents) and uses a simple camera to locate himself in the environment and create his own map of the place.

For the first time a service robot is considered as a commercial robot in Europe. Diya One X has the CE marking (European Conformity), a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area. It has taken almost 2 years to Partnering’s team to have this certification

Diya One X is a robotic interactive solution dedicated to collect and analysis in real time the physical parameters of indoor environments: brightness and noise levels, air quality (ozone, fine particles, CO2, total VOCs), temperature and relative humidity.

Diya One X purifies 99,95% of indoor air pollutants: allergens, bacteria, viruses, odors, fine particles, etc. The leader in production and development of air purification filters, Camfil, and R&D Partnering’s team developed a unique filter exclusively for Diya One X who integrates the best purification system, the same technology used in operating rooms.

Partnering Robotics collaborates for many years with the Scientific and Technical Center of Building (CSTB) who scientifically validated the efficiency of Diya One’s air purification system. CSTB is the referent organization in air quality subject under the guard-ship of the French Ministry for Ecological and Solidary Transition.

Diya One X creates localized and real time massive datasets thanks to its mobility and Partnering Robotics makes them visually interesting through services. Diya Board is a screen to allow a quick yet comprehensive understanding of the indoor environmental quality. Data Maps is a map of indoor atmospheres with dynamic and in-depth visual representations.

Partnering Robotics is able to connect the data to the Building Management System (BMS) that control the air purification. Thanks to this dataset the building manager is able to modulate his ventilation by reducing it when that is necessary (energy efficiency) and by increasing it when the air quality is not good enough to create a joint action with Diya One X for a better indoor air quality.

Since the first fundraising in December 2015, with ENGIE and MCB as minority shareholders, Partnering Robotics increase its customer portfolio with recurrent clients each year (Galeries Lafayette and SNCF) and developed Diya One as a unique commercial product.

Today Partnering Robotics wants to accelerate its development by (i) increasing its production capacity to enhance the number of clients (ii) developing its added value with new robots, services and connected devices in many domains like air quality, well-being, energy efficiency, silver economy and homes (iii) developing international partnerships with local firms to create sales units and becoming a worldwide leader.

Partnering Robotics opened its international Series B to VC and industrials to finance its development for a fundraising estimated between 5 to 15 million euros. Partnering Robotics discuss with all kinds of investors and for all types of participation.

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Based in the Paris region, the enterprise counts 40 talents in complementary domains: autonomous robotics, artificial intelligence, intelligent communication systems, sensor integration, industrialization and production.

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R&D team, after sales service, Network Administrator and production
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We hire in R&D team, after sales service, network administrator and production.