Percipio Robotics

Domains Industry 4.0
Advanced materials and processing
Automation, robotics and cobotics
Process and performance optimization
Number of staff 20
_SensorsDisplacement, motion, speed and acceleration - Force, pressure, load
_Other DeepTechRobots, cobots

Percipio Robotics is a deep tech company developing the factory of the future for ultra-miniaturized products, already building an selling high tech systems for micro-assembly in electronics, micromechanics and biomedical fields.

Our team (20 people) is mainly composed of phDs, engineers and technician specialized in the wide field of robotics (high precision mechanics, electronics, software engineering, robotic processes and automation).

We are on the edge of a new development phase, were all the technologies already built must be unifyied in the next generation of micro-assembly production line for ultra-miniaturized products. Based on Industry 4.0 paradigm, we push forward this ambition, revolutionizing the way we use modular machine to deal with fast prototyping, product customization and production scale-up.