Domains Smart City
Turnover 240000
Number of staff 5
_SensorsVision and optical
_Other DeepTechImaging, machine vision
_ComputingCloud Computing - Edge Computing - CPU, GPU
_Analytics & AIAdvanced Analytics - Big Data Analytics - Predictive Analytics - Speech, Facial, Gestures, Emotions Recognition - Streaming Analytics - Deep Learning - Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Artificial neural networks - Detection, recognition and tracking

Proppos offers fast checkout solutions for retail and hospitality industries thanks to the use of computer vision algorithms. It assigns products to customers and charge them automatically offering a friction-less shopping experience.

Our first solution is an intelligent self-checkout, ideal for cafeterias and quick service restaurants whose products don’t have any kind of code or packaging and the only way to recognize them is using vision as humans do.

Our team
  • Quirze Salomó (57) is a key entrepreneur in the pre-cooked meals business as he founded Nostrum, a very well-known QSR in Catalonia. He studied Computing Programming and Business Management. He began his professional carrer at ARCO IRIS, a company owned by his family where he was the Managing Director. The company manufactured products for distribution chains such as Pryca, Mercadona, Caprabo and Alcampo under a white-label basis and was finally sold to the McBride multinational group.


At McBride he was Business Manager until he decided jointly with his father to focus on food business again. Using a model inspired in the Home Meal Replacement, they founded a new company. With this concept in mind, father and son started up a central kitchen nearby Barcelona for the preparation of pre-cooked meals opening their first establishment in Barcelona in 1999. Today the chain already has more than 120 stores.


In 2012, Quirze Salomó created Boira Digital, a Catalan technology company aimed at the retail sector that offers innovative and creative solutions to improve the management of companies and enrich the experience of buying by customers. Now he is CoFounder of Digital Retail Bcn S.L.



  • Nil Salomó (28) holds a bachelor degree of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). Despite he decided to do a Master degree of Bioengineering in order to focus his career on 3D Biofabrication applications because this have a lot of applications on regenerative medicine and can be a breakthrough for society; since he finished his Master is working to manage technology projects and redirecting his career to the tech-business development.



He is now CEO & CoFounder of Digital Retail Bcn S.L. but his prior experience comprises other management positions such as at InKemia and Nostrum.



  • Pau Vaquero (26) holds a bachelor degree of Telecommunications Engineering at Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya. He has developed his professional career within the start-up scene in Barcelona as a Software Engineer. He is now the CTO of Digital Retail Bcn S.L.



All together are a very well balanced team with a broad knowledge of entrepreneurship, QSR business, management, technology and marketing. Together they will do their utmost to create the best self-checkout kiosk for the global market.