QUS Body connected by sanSirro GmbH

Domains Health & Well-Being
Monitoring and autonomy solutions for disabled and elderly
Turnover 1,2 Mio Eur
Number of staff 14
_SensorsPresence and position - Displacement, motion, speed and acceleration
_ComputingCloud Computing - CPU, GPU
_Analytics & AIAdvanced Analytics - Analytics of Things (AoT) - Big Data Analytics - Detection, recognition and tracking

QUS is an award winning Austrian technology & wearable brand producing the world’s most advanced connected smart textile.

QUS Body connected is part of sanSirro GmbH company which produces and sells individual sports clothes (www.sansirro.com) When sanSirro GmbH was founded around 5 years ago, we already started the project QUS thinking of the future of textiles in general. SanSirro with its core business has been very successful in the meantime, with around 1MIO Euro Revenue in 2018 and 14 employees (11 full time). QUS development in Release 1 was finished by end of last year, and after a successful kickstarter campaign and launch at CES in Las Vegas QUS, it is now ready for mass production. The business model consists of the core business from sanSirro and the sales of QUS Body connect sets (shirt with sensors, Onboarding unit, APP) In parallel, our big data analyst and expert is already working on individual analysis for pro-sports clubs and athletes. (e.g. biathlon, football etc…).

Get an impression of our sports clothes on Youtube!

Our team

Thomas Kanzler

Stefan Mehr

Susanne Stessl

Hannes Steiner