Domains Industry 4.0
On-line, real-time, NDT and quality control
Number of staff 7
_SensorsDisplacement, motion, speed and acceleration
_ComputingCloud Computing
_Analytics & AIData representation/visualization - Machine learning - Deep Learning

Ground monitoring market is growing faster than construction market itself. Large volumes of data from construction sites are not being analyzed though. Saalg combines ground monitoring data and predictive models in real-time to minimize risk and maximize profit of construction projects.

Saalg has developed Daarwin, a SaaS that uses machine learning algorithms to combine predictive models and ground monitoring data in real-time during construction to increase safety and empower data-drive decisions in the construction site.

To date, Saalg Geomechanics has been awarded a 180K GBP grant from Spanish Gov. and has already collaborated with big players of the construction industry in Europe and the UK, which include: Ferrovial-Agroman, Acciona, Amey and Deutsche Bahn.

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Our team

We combine innovative and talented entrepreneurial minds with world class geotechnical experts of more than 30 years of experience in soil and rock mechanics, as well as key players of the construction industry and startup ecosystem.

Cristian de Santos, CEO and Co-founder. Geotechnical engineer, PhD. 9 years of experience in geotechnical backanalysis.

Ignasi Aliguer, CTO and Co-founder. Geotechnical engineer, MSc. 9 years of experience in Finite Elements applied to Geotechnics and Reservoir Geomechanics.

Engineering Team: Sergi Gomez, Geotechnical Eng. Laia Gelonch, Geotechnical Eng. Celia Riera, Geotechnical Eng.

Product Team: Vincente Palomero, Software Developer.Marina Serrano, UX Developer.

Technical advisory board: Antonio Gens, Professor (UPC). Alberto Ledesma, Professor (UPC). Eduardo Alonso, Professor (UPC).

Business advisory board Xavier Capellades, Board Member, CEO at Nomo Banking. Gonzalo Galindo, CEO at Cemex Ventures. Cristina Aparicio, Insights & Content Architect at Cemex Ventures. Oscar Sala, director at The Collider (Mobile World Capital Barcelona).