04 Jul. 2019
News > SAALG got selected as one of the 10 startups for the three months’ #Urbantech start-up program

Ten startups have now been selected in BLOXHUB, by some of the leading Danish companies within sustainable urban development, to join the Urbantech innovation- and accelerator program.

From energy-producing windows to geotechnical analysis systems, the ideas range widely among ten startups selected to take part in the 2019 Urbantech Program. All have one thing in common: they can make our cities more sustainable.
A rigorous three-month selection process narrowed 400 Danish and international applicants down to 10. The program will be based out of the BLOXHUB coworking space in BLOX on the Copenhagen waterfront, and will also reach across the country to draw on the best the country can offer. The program kicks off August 19th and will run for 12 weeks.
Through partnerships with a number of Danish companies, the program will contribute to the development of new solutions for the cities of the future. It’ll run over three years, supporting 10 startups each year. The goal is to help these startups make construction more efficient, buildings and energy systems more flexible and public spaces more multifunctional. Many of the startups also have a focus on how CO2 emissions can be reduced. It is all connected to the Danish tradition of putting users and citizens at the center of urban development. And a strong focus on the quality of life – inside and out.

Danish design and global innovation

The 2019 Urbantech cohort will be able to draw on the unique Danish strengths within architecture, design and city planning. They’ll also have access to international experts, technological innovation and business development. These Danish and international startups will enjoy tailored support to help them accelerate growth and impact, As part of this, some 100+ mentors and selected investors will also engage and support the startups. The program is a collaboration between private companies and the leading institutions in the respective areas, which all contribute to giving the selected startups an intense and tailor-made acceleration, access to business units and even customers.
Urbantech expects the participating startups will be able to scale their businesses even further after the program has ended, and be a part of creating the future of sustainable cities. This is a global ambition as well as within Denmark’s borders. This will also support the Urbantech program’s even greater ambition: to strengthen Denmark’s leadership position in creating sustainable cities. As well as the ecosystem enabling it.

Ten international tech-startups ready to accelerate the development of sustainable cities

Source : BLOXHUB