SCIO Technologies

Domains Industry 4.0
Advanced materials and processing
Process and performance optimization
Turnover 800k
Number of staff 6
_SensorsTemperature, humidity and misture - Displacement, motion, speed and acceleration - Air or water quality
_Other DeepTechAdditive Manufacturing

The SCIO Business philosophy is rooted in the combination of the genius of classical electronics with mass printing and innovative bonding technologies. This innovative adaptation of existing production processes opens a world of opportunities to newly design and present electronic products and product characteristics in an innovative and technically advanced way. It’s the way to make plastics intelligent.

Processes developed by SCIO within the last years are the base to a cost effective and environmentally friendly rollout of electronic foils (e-foils) with unique product characteristics and allow the integration of intelligence into plastics to address markets like Aviation, Automotive, Medical Diagnostics or Energy Harvesting.

Right now we are transforming from an developer with small series to mass production in Automotive and Health Diagnostics.

With our technology platform we are able to create thousands of new and innovative products with our B2B partners cause we are able to substitute rigid printed circuit boards with 3D formable flexible circuit boards.